About Us

Our Philosophy

Hi! My name is Ginny and here at Mystical Rose Doodles we focuses on training and raising beautiful bernedoodles, goldendoodles and mountaindoodles.
We raise our puppies in a family centered environment and focus on early socialization and good behavior training. Our puppies are introduced to new people, places, things, environments and experiences to begin their socialization as early as possible. We introduce our puppies to the crate, leash training and keep them on a regimented potty schedule while with us. Though we start them on these basic training methods, our main focus is on proper socialization and good behavior training. We highly recommend using a trainer and/or puppy classes so that your puppy is properly trained. Doodles are extremely intelligent and can often outsmart their owners!

Our Background

We began raising goldendoodles from our original Golden lines and we fell in love with the happy go lucky nature of the goldendoodle along with their loving and willing to please nature.  




About 5 years ago we decided to introduce the bernedoodle into our lines. We loved their gentle, loving and loyal nature but we were especially interested in their famous "berner lean" which is great for those seeking a therapy dog. Many of our puppies have gone as therapy dogs and we find this trait highly desirable. The "berner lean" is known to be a common trait among Bernese Mountain dogs which is when they physically press against their companion for affection and when they sense stress. After having our first litter of bernedoodle puppies, we fell in love with the breed and have never looked back!


Goldendoodles are wonderful family pets that come in a limited color range. The bernedoodles come in a much broader color range which is great for those looking for color! Both the goldendoodles and the bernedoodles carry certain temperament traits that we thought would compliment each other beautifully. Goldendoodles are friendly and outgoing and are very emotionally sensitive to their owners. Bernedoodles are affectionate and hardworking and tend to bond more closely to their immediate family.  This can sometimes result in a dog who is more quiet around new people. We love both the goldendoodle's friendly and outgoing temperament and the loving and affectionate temperament of the bernedoodle along with their beautiful, colorful coats!




Because each breed has qualities that we love, we decided combine them and got a litter of our first Mountaindoodle puppies! These puppies carried the wonderful temperament traits from both the goldendoodles and the bernedoodles along with the beautiful colors found in both breeds! We love the mountaindoodles as well as the their parent breeds and raise all three of breeds. 



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